A New Approach to Stroke Recovery12905_2840-E1

The Neurosonx™ SR is a transcranial ultrasound (TUS) device that has been designed to help reduce long-term disability symptoms and enable patients to achieve improved clinical outcomes following a stroke. Clinical studies have demonstrated that ultrasound, when delivered at the appropriate parameters, can significantly improve functional recovery following a stroke compared to conventional repetitive therapy alone.

The Neurosonx SR is a unique TUS device that delivers ultrasound through the cranium to interact with the neurons of the motor cortex region of the brain to induce a neuromodulatory effect. The Neurosonx SR offers the following competitive advantages over existing TUS devices:

  • Targeted Treatment: The Neurosonx SR utilizes an integrated EMG to deliver ultrasound to the correct region of the brain where it is needed versus unnecessarily exposing other regions of the brain to wide-field ultrasound
  • Automated Operation: The automated Seek Mode identifies appropriate regions of the brain to direct the ultrasound without the need for a trained ultrasound technician or sonographer
  • Ease of Use: Simple self-adjusting headframe design facilitates proper transducer placement with minimal training
  • Phased Array Technology: Multi-element phased arrays allow beam steering to direct ultrasound to the targeted region of the brain without fMRI guidance
  • Optional FES: The Neurosonx SR provides optional functional electric stimulation to assist with muscle recovery
  • Adhesive Gel Pad Technology: Proprietary disposable gel pads eliminate need for messy acoustic coupling gel and facilitates clean-up after therapy sessions

Based on these competitive advantages over existing TUS instruments and the fact that there are currently no approved DBS, DCS, tDCS or TMS stroke recovery products uniquely positions the Neurosonx SR for broad adoption in the stroke rehabilitation market.

The Neurosonx SR contains three primary components:

Ultrasonic Headframe

The proprietary head frame design contains multiple transducer arrays, each positioned to take advantage of the acoustic windows into the brain where there is less attenuation of the ultrasound energy entering the skull. The transducers are multi-element phased arrays, which enable the beam to be steered and focused using time delays amongst the individual elements to deliver ultrasound energy to the cerebral motor cortex without the need of a trained ultrasound technician.

Control Station

The control station generates the ultrasound signals for the transducer arrays on the headframe and connects and distributes electrical power to the device. The control station also contains the embedded software to control device operation, and provides a user interface for controlling and monitoring therapeutic operation. The cart-based control station is designed to be portable to travel with the patient during routine physical therapy.


Single-Use Treatment Kit

For each treatment session, a single-use treatment kit is used that contains the disposable adhesive gel coupling pads, headframe foam inserts and EMG leads.