Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep Quality

Neuros™ is a novel pulsed Transdermal Electrical Stimulation (pTES) device that delivers low voltage electrical impulses to the head and neck to reduce stress, increase physiological relaxation and improve overall sleep quality.

The device operates by delivering proprietary electrical pulsed waveforms to the right trigeminal nerve in the head and the C2/C3 cervical nerves located at the base of the neck, which in turn, acts to suppress the sympathetic nervous system by modulating the primary loci of the brain responsible for regulating attention, awareness and sleep/wake cycles.

Three Primary Components to the Neuros Kit

Neuros Module

The Neuros Module is placed comfortably on the forehead and is used to generate the electrical waveforms

Neuros Strips

The Neuros Strips contain the proprietary electrode technology to deliver the electrical waveforms to the trigeminal and cervical nerves

Neuros App

The user app runs on IOS or Android smart phones and provides simple user interface to select modes and control the device settings