aboutCerevast is a medical technology company based in Redmond, Washington, USA, that develops medical products for the treatment of neurologic disorders.

The company’s first product – Neuros™ – is a Transdermal Electrical Neurostimulation (TENS) device that delivers low voltage electric current to modulate nerves in the head and neck region to reduce stress, increase physiological relaxation and improve overall sleep quality. Neuros delivers proprietary electrical wave forms to the trigeminal and the C2/C3 cervical nerves to suppress sympathetic nervous system activity as an alternative to prescription drugs to induce a state of restfulness.

Cerevast is also using transcranial ultrasound (TUS) to improve long term clinical outcomes for stroke patients. The Clotbust ER™ delivers therapeutic ultrasound to the region of the occluded vessel during the acute stroke phase to help break up the clot. The Neurosonx™ SR promotes recovery and rehabilitation by targeting the motor cortex to help patients achieve improved function in the weeks and months following their stroke.